• The applicant must own and live in the home.

  • The home must be located in Muskegon County.

  • The home must be insured.

  • The project's scope of work must fall within the program guidelines.

  • The combined incomes of everyone living in the home must be at or below the following limits:

HPP Income Table.png

**The Home Preservation Partnership serves households at or below 80% of the area median income.


Like our core building program, the Home Preservation Partnership adheres to the Habitat model of providing a hand up, not a handout.


Partners are required to pay a portion of their project's cost, or co-payment, which is determined according to a sliding fee scale based on income.

Sweat Equity

Partners must also participate in the completion of their project and/or other Habitat projects. The amount of "sweat equity" required is based on the cost of the project. Tasks are assigned according to ability and disabilities are accommodated. All able-bodied members of the household are required to contribute "sweat equity".


Applications will be accepted through March 31st, 2018

Want to apply for the Partnership?


Please contact the Homeowner Resource Coordinator or call the office, (231) 727-6020

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