Muskegon County Habitat homes are:

Family Friendly:

  • Built with quality materials and local licensed professionals where required
  • The standard Habitat home is about 1350 sq. ft. with three bedrooms, 1 bath, and a full basement when the site allows.
  • Basements are designed for inexpensive expansion if needed.
  • Homes are built to visitability standards with zero-step front entrances.
  • Families personalize their homes by selecting flooring, cabinets, lighting and exterior color palette from list of items within budget.


  • Funding from city, state, and federal grants, as well as the support of local donors help cover construction costs.
  • Volunteer labor and donated materials help to reduce building costs.
  • Resulting monthly mortgage payments are affordable.


Energy Efficient:

  • Built to Energy Star Standards, which allows for green construction and lower energy costs
  • Energy Star features include: appliances, windows, doors, heating and insulation, and insulated concrete foundations.
  • Learn more about our commitment to Green / Energy.

More about Habitat Homes:

Homes are only built when a qualified partner family has been accepted into our program and funding has been secured. Muskegon County Habitat for Humanity is committed to doing its part to stabilize the local housing market, building in areas where we can make the biggest impact on our families and the neighborhood while still staying committed to affordability, energy efficiency, and safely partnering with volunteer labor. Homes are built on donated lots whenever possible to keep costs affordable.